When It Began

When we started Rednecks and Reptiles, I decided to write a short bit about how the unknown became a favorite thing among the Tainted Highbrow crew. That remains true to this day, and to the point that we created our own homebrew world of zombies and mayhem.


When it began, Apodcastalypse was a fun idea. As we dove deeper into game play mechanics, we learned we were in over our heads.


One aspect of the show was very different, though. My joy of creation and creative writing, whether it be good or bad, would act as the driving force behind our narrative. Rather than carrying out intricate and detailed story telling, you know, like a good DM would be capable of, within the game play itself, we’d play out the actionable parts of the story, and I’d write a companion storyline for it.


This excited me. It made it possible for me to create in a new way, and it made the story fluid. By that, I mean that I am not in control of the game pieces. Should D-Rok decide to maliciously kill off a character I’ve written into the story, or even one of the players at the table, that’s now the story I have to develop further.


The story thus far is a prime example of what I’m talking about. When D-Rok and I sat down to craft the overall idea and storyline, the scenario to be played out was much different than the product we’ve recorded.


Heres a quick list of what we had agreed upon: No guns, biological weapon used by a foreign power, the almost complete reduction of electronic technology.


If you’ve been listening to Apodcastalypse, you’ll know that first item has been at the forefront of the campaign.


Understandable, being that we, D-Rok, Jimmy, Eric, and myself, have all agreed to act according to how we’d actually prioritize things in the event of this type of scenario. Acting out as the characters we’ve created was a secondary priority at all times.


Another thing of note would be the timeline. Originally, the story was to rocket forward in time after the first or second episode. We’re coming up on (recording) our 9th and 10th episodes, and we’re only in the third or fourth day of our Timeline. Not exactly the plan we put together.


Anyhow, that is all the long-winded prelude to what I had started writing this piece for.


I have begun moving the story for Apodcastalypse into the direction we intended. If you’ve been reading along and listening, there are things that we, the assholes behind the microphones, have not been happy with. We feel as if the content was lacking in value, and we believe we know why.


Structure. There’s only a descriptive element to our interactions within the game. That’s boring. We made it too easy. Therefore, we’ll soon be taking a break from this campaign to sort things out.


That being said, Rednecks and Reptiles will be returning to continue that campaign. It’s been decided that the concept we began with Apodcastalypse, where I write the bulk of the story, and we play out the actionable scenarios, will continue with RnR.


Apodcastalypse will return after the second arc (Season 2?) of RnR to carry on its story.


As always, tell your friends about these crazy rednecks that play Dungeons and Dragons, and find us on social media. We love getting feedback. Either good or bad. That let’s us know how to adjust what we’re doing to better entertain you.


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