This Road of Uncertainty Looks Like Fun

So, I’m sitting here watching the ending of the NFC Championship Game between the Bucs and Packers, reading the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and trying to figure out exactly how things got to this point. I have always considered myself a man of many hats, but Dungeon Master for a D&D Podcast was one that, up until recently, was never on my radar.

The Kraken and I, should she decide to behave, will begin our podcast together soon. One that I’m using as an engine for teaching some fun history, and also as a reason to spend more time with her. However, the concept behind that one is what drove me to prompt THE Guys to trying our hand at some D&D. I’ll be using aspects of tabletop gaming, heavily customizing it to suit our purposes within the podcast, and telling a story that provides insight into the societies and cultures that we visit.

What is now known as Rednecks and Reptiles really was just a random thought while at work at a job where random thoughts are many, and good ones are scarce. However, after some initial resistance from Hedgehog, who really just wasn’t sure what to expect, we decided to go through with it.

But, if I were to be honest, this was a road I have always wanted to venture down. Several years ago, I had the idea to create my own Zombie Apocalypse style tabletop game. Not a huge undertaking for me, considering my years spent as a web developer creating roleplaying games to be played in your internet browser. Creation has always been something I have enjoyed.

This, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, was rarely a heavily considered idea, though.

A random, wild thought. That’s what got us going. One session, to date, has us all hooked. Eric, after initial concerns and hesitation, is now the proud owner of a brand new Player’s Handbook. Fifteen (15) minutes of playtime. Just us trying to break the ice; introduce our characters, and see what it’s all about.

It’s odd, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. What will come from this? Outside of some jokes, laughs, and cold beer with friends, we’ve already gotten an immense amount of joy from what some would think is strange, nerdy, or weird. Well, Rednecks and Reptiles is a podcast where everyone at the table would be considered a jock.

Fun is fun.

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