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Tainted Highbrow
Tainted Highbrow2 days ago
Week 4 picks

THE Game of the Week
Texas A&M at Arkansas

Points standings

Willie 9 has 1 pt already this weekend
Derrick 9
Eric 6
Tainted Highbrow
Tainted Highbrow1 week ago
We would like to apologize for the lack of content this week. The two people that have knowledge of editing have been indisposed for personal reasons. We are going to desperately try to get everything greased up and clicking again. Last week's Locker Talk will still get released, but I, Willie, have been battling a non-covid related illness that has had me physically beaten down.

Tomorrow's release of Rednecks and Reptiles will be delayed. Again, we apologize to you, our listeners.
Tainted Highbrow
Tainted Highbrow1 week ago
Week 3 picks.

THE Locker Talk Game of the Week
Nebraska at OU

Pts Standings
Derrick 6
Willie 5
Eric 5
Tainted Highbrow
Tainted Highbrow2 weeks ago
We failed to post picks, but they got locked in Wednesday night. D-Rok is the top picks. Mine are on bottom.

Tainted Highbrow
Tainted Highbrow2 weeks ago
Tainted Highbrow
Tainted Highbrow3 weeks ago
Our giveaway winner has yet to reach out to us and claim their prize! Edwin has until midnight tonight (Thursday Sept 9th) to contact us. Failure to do so give our two other finalist a chance to win.

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