Series: Rednecks and Reptiles

3.14: What’s in the Box?!?

TBD finds another room full of chests, and Snek still can not resist opening them.   Music by

3.13: Four Doors; More Orcs

To Be Determined ventures further into the Orc caves, and things continue to get weirder with every encounter.   Music by

3.11: Orc You Glad You Listen to Us?

The next adventure for To Be Determined begins as our heroes “stealthily” make their way to a cave full of Orcs ready to be disemboweled,...

3.10: Legend of the Cow

TBD returns from their first bounty, and seek to wind down at the pub.   Music by

3.9: Alfredo-delicious Boss Fight

TBD decides to go in disguise in order to get taken face-to-face with their target. They meet an unexpected foe, and may or may not...

3.8: Caves of Alternator; Pt 3

Our “mighty” heroes find themselves in a predicament after Snek sets off alarms within the caves. They must decide if they want to stand and...

3.7: Caves of Asparagus; Part 2

To Be Determined continues their expedition into the Caves of Aluminum and their bounty Al Lumpy Dish.   Music by

3.6: Caves of Abracadabra; or Whatever

To Be Determined has set out once again to claim the bounty on the head of Ambidextrous the Stupendous Defibrillator.   Music by

3.5: Pseudo-Stealth

Feeling prepared and up for the challenge ahead of them, To Be Determined sets out for the caves once more.   Music and SFX provided...