Series: Apodcastalypse

Rednecks and Reptiles Will Be Back

We just wanted to take a moment to make sure everybody was informed that we will definitely be coming back with RNR, but some things...

Episode 12: Brad

A new ally joins the group in hopes of saving Mason’s daughter.   Intro by

Episode 11: Stay on Track!

As a celebration winds down, the survivors suffer an attack from an unknown enemy, and are forced to scramble and hunt them down.   Music...

Episode 10: Neighborhood Watch

Dominic, Franklin, and Jed venture out into the Dead Zone in search of special targets to advance Jeonn’s research.   Theme by

Episode 9: We Who Are About to Die

Jeonn asks our survivors to assist him with testing the combat capabilities of his genetically modified creatures.   Music by

Episode 8.5: Future of the Show

In this episode, we forego playing the game as we discuss the future of what is to come with Apodcastalypse. Willie announces his plans to...

Episode 7: So Many Zombies

A mass of zombies exit from the woods near the compound, prompting a fight with a new type of zombie.   Musiv/FX by